Performance Without the Price Tag

Multi Sensor Gyro Stabilised Gimbal


Field Proven Reliability

Multi Sensor Gyro Stabilised Gimbal


So Much, for So Little

Dual Sensor Gyro Stabilised Gimbal

Acceptance test

Your gimbal has just arrived and you are eager to get it plugged onto your UAV so you can experience its revered performance for yourself. But wait, first you have been asked to conduct an acceptance test.

Why should you complete an acceptance test?

To ensure that your gimbal is perfect, we pay attention to every step of the production process, from the initial design, right...

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Using the CM202 for military missions


The CM202 is a technology-driven camera payload ideal for a range of military applications. This infographic shows the capabilities of the CM202.

How will you use it for your mission?


Using a UAV for oil and gas inspections


To ensure that an oil or gas plant complies with safety and environmental regulations, general asset inspections need to be carried out. Traditional inspection methods are expensive, time-consuming and involve a high risk of injury, therefore UAVs have become the preferred solution. Here’s how you can benefit from using a UAV for your operation.

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When a disaster occurs, a camera payload acts as the eyes of the mission. Having a payload with all the right features can provide valuable information to the response team, saving both time and resources. In life-threatening cases, saving time can save lives. For future missions, here’s what you will need.


Knowing the precise location of an incident or person allows...

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