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Counter UAS

Counter UAS

Protect Your Troops

With Enhanced Situational Awareness


Protect your troops against unmanned aerial systems with the innovative Counter UAS Operator Assist (CUAS-OA) system. The package includes the robust CM202U gyro-stabilised, multi sensor gimbal that is specifically designed for military applications. The lightweight gimbal weighs less that 5.5Kg to provide you with a man portable system that is easy to transport between locations. Simple plug and play hook up makes for quick setup and operation so you can keep your team protected at all times. High definition electro-optical and high resolution thermal imaging gives you enhanced situational awareness at day and night. The system can detect people, vehicles, sUAS, UAVs and general motion.



CM202U Features

Object tracking 20x MWIR optical zoom 60x EO optical zoom Weather resistant Auto-detection


Counter UAS Footage with the CM202U Ground System



CUAS-OA uses advanced algorithms for the detection of moving and static objects. 

 Moving Threat Detector


 Static Threat Detector

Moving Threat Detector highlights potential targets that are moving relative to the background, operating above and below the horizon line. 

It picks up on slight motions, such as a moving pixel, which the eye cannot detect.


Static Threat Detector highlights potential targets that are very small in nature, both moving and static.

It continues to operate when the gimbal is in motion, detecting both moving and static points.



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