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Detecting a shipping container from 6,000m

Here at UAV Vision, we are continuously enhancing our gyro-stabilised camera systems to provide you with the best quality imagery and functionality for your

Stable footage using the CM202

Is your camera system producing steady video? If the answer is no, it could be that your camera is lacking in stabilisation.

The CM202G on a helicopter

To ensure your aircraft conforms to safety regulations and industry standards, your payload weight will be limited to the design of your platform.

Infrared imagery using the CM202

The infrared section of the electromagnetic spectrum includes wavelengths between 740nm and 300 µm. It sits between visible and microwave on the spectrum and is undetectable by the naked eye. All objects release infrared radiation.

Aerial imagery

Last week we introduced a new, 3-axis gyro-stabilised gimbal at AUVSI Xponential.

The UAV Vision and Ascent Vision Team at AUVSI Xponential

Last week we joined forces with Ascent Vision to exhibit our full range of gyro-stabilised camera systems at AUVSI XPONENTIAL 2017.

The CM100 is now compatible with a 35mm infrared lens to give improved zooming capabilities during ISR missions. The large focal length lets you gather more information on an object or event to make your mission more efficient. With an integrated 35mm IR lens, the CM100 offers an affordable, effective and low SWaP-C system for integration into small to medium sized UAVs. 

Last week we put on our aviators for Avalon and the Australian International Airshow, where we saw everything from a F16 FALCON to a C-17A GLOBEMASTER III. Did you miss out on this year's airshow? Not to worry, we’ve listed our top photos from the week. Which aircraft is your favourite?

A single sensor camera payload allows one sensor to be integrated into the system, which is pre-defined by the manufacturer. This is usually an electro-optical (EO) sensor, which can provide high definition daylight imagery and video. A single sensor camera payload is best suited to applications that require simple daylight imagery.