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What We Learned from Our Last Test Flight

Here at UAV Vision, we are continuously enhancing our gyro-stabilised camera systems to provide you with the best quality imagery and functionality for your mission. 

To achieve this, we regularly team up with manned and unmanned aircraft providers to conduct flight tests.

Last month, we took to the airfields of St Leonards to assess the capabilities of the CM202. Here are our 5 takeaways from the flight...

Target IdentificationIdentifying a shipping container with the CM202 During port surveillance and security operations, a gyro-stabilised gimbal is mounted to a UAV or manned platform to prevent waste dumping, smuggling or other illegal activities from taking place. With a large zoom, the CM202 allows you to identify the name of a boat, whilst maintaining a safe standoff distance. This image of a shipping container was captured in low light conditions from over 6,000m.
Heat DetectionMWIR detecting a shipping container Do you regularly conduct operations at night? Using medium-wavelength infrared imagery, you can detect a moving vehicle from over 6,000m. In this clip, you can clearly see that the shipping container is burning fuel.
Animal SpottingAnimal protection with aerial surveillance High stabilisation at maximum zoom allows you to more accurately identify an object. With this feature, the CM202 can identify the species of an animal from over 1,000m. This feature is crucial for wildlife protection operations.
Target TrackingObject tracking One of our favourite things about the CM202 is its ability to track a moving vehicle through obstructions. With advanced algorithms, the CM202's tracking capability is incomparable. 
Law enforcement with aerial surveillance

A law enforcement mission is nothing without 30x optical zoom. The CM202 can provide stable, long range imagery for a long period of time to provide you with mission critical information. 

We are always looking for new partners to conduct test flights with. If you want to get involved contact us at