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Ground Vehicle

Ground Vehicle

Lightweight High-Performance Systems

For Missions on the Go

UAV Vision's leading range of lightweight, multi sensor, gyro-stabilised camera systems are a cost-effective solution for missions involving ground vehicles. The systems are man-portable, allowing for easy transportation between vehicles during battlefield missions. Simple plug and play offers quick and simple setup for time critical applications.  

Features include:

  • Infrared imagery – SWIR/ MWIR or LWIR
  • Laser sensors
  • Live streamed video
  • Exceptional zoom capabilities
  • Real time video stabilisation
  • Object tracking
  • GEO-Lock


Our versatile gimbals all come with VEXOS software to provide you with more opportunities in the field, whilst maintaining a safe standoff distance from any threats.

Applications include

  • Crime prevention
  • Border control
  • Surveillance
  • Traffic Control

Recommended hardware

Compatible Gimbals

Additional Hardware